Ambassador Jackson Lauds Exchange Programs

On October 13, 2017, Ambassador Robert P. Jackson lauded “the enormous and indisputable benefits of cultural exchanges” during the AFS Global Citizenship Education Dinner held at the Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra. The event celebrated 50 years of exchanges facilitated by AFS-Ghana.

“Thanks to you, countless young people have dared to dream of visiting a foreign land and immersing themselves in the culture of others. They gain the profound understanding that we are more alike than different — that diversity, inclusion, empathy and respect are key to our common fate. Our success is mutual, and that success is so much more likely when we know each other, when we understand each other’s values and goals — when we trust each other. In 2017, we can Skype, we can tweet at each other, we can WhatsApp. There are myriad ways for us to connect with others around the world. But I still firmly believe that there is no substitute for that last three feet. Those personal connections will withstand the efforts of those who seek to divide us.”

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