Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense visits Ghana for Bilateral Engagements

U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Pete Marocco with Ghana Chief of Defense Staff Lt. Gen. Obed Akwa.

As part of ongoing, cooperative U.S. engagement on the African continent, US Department of Defense, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Pete Marocco traveled to Ghana and Benin for bilateral engagements with African partners. Marocco met with the Ministries of Defense in both Ghana and Benin, and visited forward operating bases engaged in the fight against the spread violent extremist organizations and malign activity on the continent.

“Countering transnational Islamic extremism in West Africa requires regional resolve and a dedicated African partner approach, including leaders at the local level,” said Marocco. “The spread of malign activity and extremist threats on the continent remain a concern to the United States and European allies. To address this effectively, we remain engaged in a whole of government and international approach.”

Enhancing partner capabilities and institutionalization of capability development to enhance regional and border security measures was among the discussed items.