Contract Opportunities

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19GH1021Q0001 – Construction Service to Provide Trench and Water Drainage System for Delta Barrier at the Embassy Service and Main CAC

19GH1020Q0009_Construction Services to Build and install Two Traditional Wooden Pavilion at the Embassy Compound

19GH1020Q0008_ Construction Service to Provide and install Concrete Pavement

19GH1020Q0007_ Construction Service to Build and install Awning 

19GH1020Q0006_ Construction Service to Repair Damaged Roof at the Bronx

Pre-Solicitation Notice 

Solicitation for Routine Elevator Maintenance Services #19GH1020Q0002 

Solicitation 19GH1020Q0004

Solicitation 19GH1020Q0001

Pre-Solicitation Notice 

Request for Quotation #PR8968959

Request for Quotation # PR8968956:

Request for Quotation #PR8517218

RFQ# PR8363031

Request for Proposal – 12FPC219Q0020

Request for Quotation # PR8183746

Modification # 001 – RQF# PR8249610

CMR – RQF# PR8199340

RFQ# PR8249610

Solicitation Number -19GH1018R0003

Modification # 001 – RQF# PR7397685

RQF# PR7397685

RFQ# PR7274977

Solicitation -19GH1018Q0001