Ghana COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information 

Last updated: March 2, 2023 

The CDC’s Order requiring proof of vaccination for non-U.S. citizen nonimmigrants to travel to the United States is still in effect.  For more information see Requirement for Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination for Air Passengers. 

 Check the CDC website for additional information and Frequently Asked Questions . 

Entry and Exit Requirements 

  • Are there COVID-related entry requirements for U.S. citizens? Yes 

                   – All travelers 18 years and older are required to present a COVID vaccination certificate. 

  • Is a negative COVID-19 test (PCR and/or serology) required for entry? Yes, if not fully vaccinated and able to present a COVID-19 vaccination certificate and for those travelling to Ghana from China. 
  • Are health screening procedures in place at airports and other ports of entry? Yes, passengers must complete a Port Health Declaration Form at before departure.  Passengers are subject to medical screening upon arrival. 

Quarantine Information  

  •  Are U.S. citizens required to quarantine? No 

COVID-19 Testing 

  • See Ghana Accredited COVID-19 Testing Laboratories | Ghana ( for a list of labs in Ghana that are certified by the Ghana Ministry of Health to test for COVID-19. 
  • Nyaho Medical Centre, MDS Lancet, Akai House Clinic, and Noguchi Memorial Advanced Research Laboratory offer fee-based COVID-19 testing with a 24- to 48-hour turnaround time. Fees vary per institution and are not covered by the Government of Ghana. On average, testing fees range from 450-550 Ghana cedis. Expedited processing is available for an additional fee, typically ranging from 650-750 GHC total. No-cost testing is available at Government of Ghana public hospitals listed in the Local Resources section below, however turnaround times can vary. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Information: 

Local Resources: 

  • The Government of Ghana has set up two phone numbers for questions regarding COVID-19: +233 50 949 7700 and +233 55 843 9868. The Ghana Health Service maintains a website tracking the current number of local cases: 

Movement Restrictions 

  • Is a curfew in place? No. 
  • Are there restrictions on intercity or interstate travel? No.