Ambassador Palmer’s Remarks at the Global Citizen Festival, Accra – Ghana.

Global Citizens, I’m honored to be here to take action and create change.

U.S.-Ghana ties are strong, rooted in history and our common democratic values.  It’s wonderful to see Ghanaian and American artists share this global stage.  Our commitments tonight for Ghana affirm African agency, strengthen partnerships, and catalyze economic growth and opportunities.  The United States Government will work with Congress to provide $138 million in new funding to support human capital development in health, education, climate, and peacebuilding — and all of our investments will adhere to principles of gender equality, women’s empowerment, and inclusive development.

Additionally, through implementation of the U.S. Strategy to Prevent Conflict and Promote Stability, the U.S. Government will work across Coastal West Africa to promote inclusive economic growth and accountable governance, and prevent conflict.  We’re providing more than $30 million in initial funding to launch this regional initiative and will work with Congress to substantially increase funding over the next decade.

We commit to creating new professional exchanges with a special focus on shared U.S. and Global Citizen priorities; and will further advance women’s economic empowerment by expanding Ghana’s Academy for Women Entrepreneurs.

Finally, Peace Corps Ghana will increase the number of volunteers in agriculture, education, and health – continuing decades of collaboration that began in 1961 when the very first Peace Corps Volunteers in the world launched the global program in Ghana.