Opening of Domino’s Pizza in East Legon – As Prepared Remarks by Ambassador Stephanie S. Sullivan

U.S. Ambassador to Ghana Stephanie S. Sullivan at the opening of Domino’s Pizza in East Legon, Accra.

Mr. Karan Kapur, Executive Director of Fire Foods Africa (Master Franchisee of Domino’s Pizza Ghana):

Mr. Vikas Singh,

Managing Director of Fareast Mercantile Company /

and Chanrai Summit Group

(Ghanaian Joint Venture Partner of Fire Foods Africa)

All protocols observed.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

My name is Stephanie Sullivan, and I’m the United States Ambassador to Ghana.  I’m thrilled to be asked to participate in this ceremony to open the second location of Domino’s Pizza Ghana, here in East Legon.  The first one opened on Oxford Street in Osu a couple of weeks ago.

Domino’s Pizza Ghana will also be launching online today at, which is the first online ordering and pizza tracker of its kind in Ghana.

Fire Foods Africa, a leading platform for QSR brands in sub-Saharan Africa, has brought Domino’s Pizza to Ghana as its exclusive Master Franchisee for the country.

Since acquiring its first store in 1960 in Ypsilanti, Michigan, to opening its first franchise store in 1967, Domino’s has grown year after year, reaching over 17,100 stores in locations across the globe.

Everyone loves Domino’s Pizza back home in the United States and has stories to tell of it.  For me, I remember the iconic slogan “Domino’s delivers,” when food delivery services were rare.  When I was at the university, Domino’s Pizza boxes were a telltale sign of students pulling “all-nighters” to finish term papers or study for upcoming exams.

In Washington, I am told, reporters used to track Domino’s delivery vehicles to government buildings after hours to pick up the “scent” of a breaking story. Now, there are many food delivery options,but Domino’s was a real trailblazer in delivery service.

Over the past 64 years, the United States has worked together with Ghanaians to develop our bilateral relationship, including to strengthen two-way trade and investment.

The opening of this franchise and the one in Osu, closer to my residence, represent the ideal of that partnership, bringing together a U.S. brand and local investors to serve up a slice – or two – of goodness.

American brands and franchises are rapidly expanding to new markets all over the world, fueling job growth at home and abroad.

And Ghana’s political stability, security, and its new role as the host of the African Continental Free Trade Area Secretariat are enticing for more and more U.S. companies. In fact, most of us saw the news on Monday that another U.S. company, technology giant Twitter, will make Ghana its new African headquarters and is already advertising for new jobs here.

In making the announcement, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey specifically mentioned Ghana’s support for free speech and free trade as vital to his company’s decision.

Many U.S. brands have enjoyed tremendous success here in Ghana in recent years, many more since my previous assignment here twenty years ago, ranging from friendly competitors in the food industry like KFC, Burger King, and Pinkberry to services and manufacturing firms like PwC, Avis Rent-a-Car, and Cummins to name a few.

I’m confident that Domino’s new branches in Accra will see similar success – particularly from the enthusiasm of today’s crowd.

I know I’ll be a regular customer!

Before I conclude, let me just say that it truly is a joy for me to participate in events like this.  My team and I at the U.S. Embassy work tirelessly with Ghanaian government officials and private sector businesswomen and men to enhance Ghana’s investment climate and make it an even more appetizing destination for U.S. companies.

I am pleased to see the start of a new American brand here, one that not only delivers a tasty product to Ghanaian consumers but also creates local employment opportunities and supports inclusive economic growth.

In light of the pandemic over the past year, I’m encouraged by this launch of Domino’s Pizza’s, that we are starting to turn the corner to revived economic growth here in Ghana. But of course it is still crucial for us to continue observing all covid-19 protocols!

Thank you again for inviting me to be a part of this outdooring.  I know you have exciting expansion plans for Ghana, and I look forward to being there for your next branch opening in Kumasi or Takoradi – no pressure!

Congratulations to Domino’s Pizza.  And, congratulations to Fire Foods Africa on this milestone investment.  However you slice it, I’m confident Ghanaian consumers will come to love the quality of Domino’s Pizza’s products and services as much as I have.

Thank you.