Notarial Services

The American Citizen Unit (ACS) can perform the following notarial services for U.S. Citizens and Ghanaian Nationals:

  • Oath or Affidavit:  An oath or affidavit is a written statement or declaration sworn to or affirmed before a Consular Officer. You will need to provide ACS with valid photo identification for this service.
  • Acknowledgment: An Acknowledgment is a Consular Officer’s declaration that you have appeared before him, bearing a document, which you freely signed and understood. You must sign the document in front of the Consular Officer. ACS cannot help you to fill out or understand the document. Acknowledgments are used on things like deeds, mortgages, contracts for sale of land, and powers of attorney. Some acknowledgments may require signatures of witnesses. It is your responsibility to secure the presence of the witnesses. You and all of your witnesses will need valid photo IDs.
  • Certification of True Copies: A Certified True Copy is the certification of a copy of a document as a true and correct duplicate “word for word and figure for figure.”
  • Authentication of Signatures: An Authentication is a verification of the signature of a notary public or a local government official on a document. Authentication can only be done in regard to those notaries or officials whose signatures are on file at the ACS Unit.


Notarization: $50 or the equivalent in Ghanaian cedis

Certified copy: $50 or the equivalent in Ghanaian cedis

Authentication: $50 or the equivalent in Ghanaian cedis

Please schedule an appointment through the American Citizen Services Appointment system. Please also remember not to bring any electronic devices such as cell phones, cameras, computers, ipods, ipads, MP3, etc. into the Embassy compound.