U.S. Social Security and Other Federal Benefits Individual Consultations

The U.S. Embassy in Ghana is pleased to announce that a representative from the Regional Federal Benefits Unit in London will visit Accra to offer individual consultations for beneficiaries of U.S. Social Security and other federal benefits programs. The consultations will be given on February 26 and 27 at the U.S. Embassy, 4th Circular Rd, Cantonments, Accra.

Please request an individual appointment by providing your name, passport number, phone number, email, and preferred consultation date (February 26 or 27) to ACSAccra@state.gov, or by calling 030-274-1570 Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The Embassy will then notify you of your scheduled appointment time. Appointment space is limited so please make your request as soon as possible so that the Embassy can best accommodate your needs.

On the day of your appointment remember to bring your identification. Also take note that electronics such as cell phones and laptops will not be allowed into the Embassy for your appointment. Please plan accordingly.

Even if you are not able to obtain an individual appointment, you may still find comprehensive information on the Social Security Administration and its Federal Benefits “Service Around the World” at https://www.ssa.gov/foreign/. Questions about specific cases or services for Ghanaian residents can also always be addressed to the Regional Office in London at FBU.London@ssa.gov  or +44-207-499-9000 (Fax: +44-207-495-891-3631).