Nonimmigrant Visas

The Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Accra is responsible for providing visa services to those seeking to enter the United States for a temporary period and for those wishing to take up indefinite or permanent residence in the United States.

Please visit our Global Support Services (GSS) website for complete information on applying for a nonimmigrant U.S. visa, including a directory of nonimmigrant visa categories.

To contact a customer service representative, please visit the GSS Contact Us page for full information or use contact information below:

  • Email address:
  • Callers in Ghana: +233 50 588 5956, +233 24 328 3510, +233 50 659 2787 and +233 54 671 9469
  • Callers in the United States: +1 703 520 2573
  • Skype name: ustraveldocs-ghana

The entrance to the Consular Section is located on Fifth Link Road. Visa interviews are conducted by appointment only. Please note that only persons with a government-issued form of photo identification will be admitted to the U.S. Embassy.

U.S. Embassy Accra has instituted the Interview Waiver Program (IWP) for visa applicants in possession of a still valid or recently expired B1/B2 “tourist” visas. Applicants who qualify for IWP are identified during the scheduling and payment process on and can follow the provided instructions to submit their application through DHL Ghana at USVAD@DHL.COM.

To utilize this program:

  • the applicant must possess a B1/B2 visa that is still valid or expired within the past 48 months,
  • the applicant must be a citizen or resident of Ghana,
  • the applicant must have been 14 years old or older at the time of the previous visa issuance, or is currently under 14 years old,
  • the applicant must not have been refused a visa since the issuance of the previous visa, or had a visa revoked, or have ever required a waiver
  • the applicant possesses all issued passports covering the entire period of time since receiving the previous visa,
  • the applicant has never remained in the United States on a B1/B2 visa for a period longer than six months without an approved extension of stay, and
  • the applicant has never been arrested or convicted of any crime or offense in the United States, even if the applicant has later received a waiver or pardon.

Any applicant who submits an incomplete or unqualified application, or where potentially derogatory information is found will be asked to schedule an in-person interview.

Applicants who are found to qualify for IWP during their registration at should contact DHL at USVAD@DHL.COM to arrange and pay for submission and return delivery of their IWP application at DHL service points in Accra, Tema, Kumasi, Takoradi, or Tamale. Please allow at least three weeks from submission at DHL for processing.

No. 3 North Ridge Crescent,
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+233 30 221 3090 / 7

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Kumasi Club Building,
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